Your Clinical Pilates studio in Twickenham


At our Twickenham Pilates studio you will experience an environment which will challenge you to effectively reduce your injury risk and get a great workout. Our ethos is centred around educating you while you exercise so that you understand which muscles to work and how to engage them.


What is it, and how is it different to regular pilates?

Physiotherapists and certified Pilates instructors lead the Clinical Pilates sessions which means they are experts and have been specifically trained in injury management and prevention.

If you have an injury or are recovering from an injury you will be in safe hands knowing that the physiotherapist Pilates instructor will understand how to challenge your body to help you achieve your goals.

Initial Pilates one-to-one assessment?

Initially, you will need to have a one-to-one pilates assessment with the instructor so that they can understand your medical conditions in more detail. It will also give you a chance to understand the critical elements of what will be required in a session such as:

  • how to find your “neutral spine”,

  • understand what cues help you to engage your core (these are different from person to person),

  • complete the basic exercises to help you integrate into a class environment with ease.

After this, your instructor will guide you to which class you can join or whether you need additional one-to-one sessions before progressing to a class environment.


How small are the Pilates classes?

*Classes Will begin in January 2020*

To ensure that the Pilates is well controlled and that you get the correct feedback to ensure that you work the correct muscles so that you improve your strength and flexibility while avoiding excess strain on joints.

The classes will have no more than 4 people at one time. This means that you will receive plenty of attention and personalisation throughout the class without missing out on the social and motivational benefits of a group Pilates class.

What are the benefits of clinical pilates?

It helps to prevent injury

Clinical Pilates is great for injury prevention, whether you want to prevent injuries that can occur during daily activities or in high-impact sports, the small classes allow us to easily adapt the difficulty levels to suit everyone. The idea is to heighten your awareness of your own body - promoting strength and flexibility using the correct muscles for the job.

It helps with recovery

Clinical Pilates should be seen as a complimentary exercise to your exercise or cross training/recovery programme. Exercises will be modified to suit your personal circumstances so you don’t need to worry that you’ll aggravate your injury by taking part. In fact, the research shows that it’s a great exercise for people with recurrent injuries or niggles.