What my patient's say...

Dr Anup Krishnan, army sports medicine doctor

Indian national institute of sports

Diagnosis: Fractured lower back with disc bulge

" I fell down a flight of stairs. The X-rays showed a fracture to L4-L5. The fracture healed, but the pain in the lower back persisted. 

I was undertaking a career course but continuing exercises and also doing all physical activities including running with packs and rope climbing etc. 

Pain persists and getting worse. It is difficult to sleep at night due to pain in back and sides after every 90 mins. Getting up from the bed and standing up from sitting getting difficult due to pain. I contracted a couple of bouts of fever. I was bedridden for a couple of weeks and unable to even get up due to fever, weakness and pain. My sleep was disturbed, and I had difficulty in sitting, standing, squatting etc.

I have regressed significantly and am experiencing severe back pain and am unable to do even basic tasks without pain. Could not get up from the treatment bed after physio treatment without help, this is it. I hope I have done enough for my family and they will be OK. I don’t think I will be normal again; this is the pits. I will not be able to complete the course and will lose my job. Am I good for anything?

Seen a new  Sports physio from England of all places. Seems to know his stuff at least he asks the right questions. Can he help me? He says he can. Can anybody help me?

The treatment felt painful but nice. Doing the core activation drills regularly.

After less than a month of treatment, I am PAIN-FREE AFTER 2 LONG PAINFUL YEARS. I think I will be fine now (As long as Patrick remains here). 

Back pain is present on exertion only. Feeling better and also improving. Wish Patrick had come earlier.

It feels great to be back in the gym. My strength is improving, and activities are becoming easier. Feels great to be on the treadmill.

Cannot thank Patrick enough. Back to the job after two years of study. Feel fit enough to maintain my position in the army. 



S. Rendell,

a (GREAT!) mum of two

Diagnosis: A 20-year history of pelvic/lower back pain. Managing episodes but constantly thinking about how not to aggravate it. Have to wear insoles and heel lift constantly, seriously limiting my choice of footwear.

"I came to see Patrick on the advice of my Pilates teacher. I had been a physio for some years about my hip/back pain. I mostly received massage, acupuncture and stretched but it was not improving the situation, more so managing it. I felt this was the life I had to lead.

After seeing Patrick for a month, he had got rid of most of my daily, constant pain. Even when I had pain on holiday he prescribed me one exercise over email, and it resolved my pain in a couple of days!! Patrick delved deeper than any previous therapist into what was happening with my body. He has changed my life. I used to wear orthotics and a heel lift in one shoe religiously, even at home. I now do not have to; I can wear any or no footwear without fear of pain.

Patrick Kenny is an exceptional physio. He is so holistic and has such a deep and detailed knowledge of the human body that he can identify the cause of what is causing a physiological problem and treat that rather than simply treating symptoms like many others do. The exercises he prescribes are precise and manageable, and if you do them, they will work. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for years thanks to Patrick."