Treatment Costs


Initial assessment: £60

Follow up: 30 MINUTES £50 • 45 MINUTES £75

Your initial consultation will be between 45-60 minutes. It will involve a period of discussion in order to find out more about your issue, complete an in-depth assessment and o provide you with a clear diagnosis. At Move Physio we believe in empowering our patients by educating you about your issue as this enhances your ability to observe and modify bad habits.

We will create a treatment pathway, so that we can work towards your goals and we will guide you on how you can achieve that goal.

All follow up sessions will be between 30-45 minutes and will be a mixture of hands on treatment and rehabilitation exercises. Exercises are sent to you via a software program; so you will have  a description, pictures and videos to help you between sessions.

Remember to bring shorts if you have a back or lower body injury. If you have an upper body or neck injruy, females are advised to wear a vest top.

Sports / Deep Tissue Massage

30 MINUTES £35 • 60 MINUTES £60

Massage is generally used to reduce the tension in your muscles, whether it be due to a hard week at work or training for your sport. Tight muscles can restrict blood flow and cause pain signals to be sent to the brain. Massage can reverse this process to help you feel and move better. If it is your first session, then an hour is always advised to maximise the effect.

So that the therapist can treat you effectively you might be asked to remove some items of clothing. The specifics can be discussed with the masseuse at the time to ensure you feel comfortable.

Clinical PT

45 minutes: Block of 6 £240 •Block of 12 £410

These packages are aimed at people who have been injured and want to step up their training but  this would, of course, be under the guidance of a trainer who has a medical degree and strength training expertise. 

We want you to feel pushed but not to the point where your body literally breaks. Our in-depth knowledge of the human body and injuries, allows us to adapt your training and specific exercises  in order to allow you to maximise your training whilst recovering from injury.

Sessions are performed outdoors in a park or indoors depending on the weather.

Running Technique coaching

45 minutes: Block of 6 £240 •Block of 12 £410 

Whether you are returning to running after a break, trying to improve your time for your up and coming race or dealing with reoccurring injuries, we have the answer. Running is a highly technical sport that needs constant input. This ensures that your training and technique is efficient and maximising your performance without increasing your risk of injury.

We can help turn your technical flaws into strengths that will change the way you view running  - forever.

Injury can prevent you from achieving your goals. However, if you know the potential reasons for these injuries before they happen, or maybe you have been struggling with a recurrent injury, then the first step you need to take is to book a free running analysis.

You will be amazed at the simple steps you can take to improve your running, making you more efficient and less likely to pick up an injury.

Dry Needling

30 MINUTES £40 

Dry needling is a technique used to treat pain and movement impairments. The needle is placed in trigger points within the muscles; you might describe them as knots. This session will involve an initial consultation to understand the area of complaint in more detail. Treatment will then commence after this point and a suitable, subsequent session plan will be discussed if needed.

Remember to bring shorts if you have a back or lower body injury. If an upper body or neck injury, females are advised to wear a vest top.

Clinical Ergonomic Workstation Assessment

£150 + Travel Costs

Our assessment comprises of a detailed analysis of the employe's work lifestyle and areas of discomfort. An in depth analysis of the current set up is undertaken and small adjustments made immediately where possible. Subsequently, a full report is generated and sent to you so that further changes can be made to improve the employee's wellbeing.



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