Physiotherapy in Twickenham, Richmond & St. Margaret's

Physiotherapy is all about getting you moving and functioning pain-free. Our physiotherapist’s in Twickenham are used to treating a wide range of conditions ensuring that we not only get you pain-free, but prevent re-occurrence!

Our physiotherapist's will understand what your goals are and work towards helping you achieve them whether it be running, pilates, going to the gym or being able to get through the day without pain.


Neck and lower back pain

These are common injuries which our physiotherapists see frequently. What we know is that everyone has an individual presentation - although generalised patterns are observed. You will receive an in-depth assessment and clear diagnosis from our physiotherapy team whilst being educated about your unique presentation.

Common complaints which we treat to an outstanding level are:

- Tortecollis/wry neck

- Slipped/herniated disc

- Headaches

- Postural related pain

- Muscular pain

- Facet join pain

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation can be a long process - but do not worry, as we will be with you every step of the way! To get you back to being functional we will be one step ahead of the game prepping your muscles and movement patterns in order to progress through each stage as effectively and efficiently as possible. Examples of post-surgical rehabilitation that our physiotherapy team manage on a regular basis are:



Sports Injuries

When you play sports and become injured, it can have a big impact on you and your life. People identify themselves as a runner, gym goer, tennis, rugby or football player. Our physiotherapy team will make sure that you do not lose your identity by keeping you active and returning you to full fitness asap.

Whether it is a muscle strain, tendonopathy or a biomechanical overuse injury, we have an excellent record at ensuring you recover and return better than before. This is achieved through tailored loading programs, movement control and running technique retraining.