Our ethos

We care about the "WAY" you move. If we move in a variety of ways the likelihood of us experiencing pain is less.

We have a saying at Move Physio: "No posture is a bad posture but if that posture becomes painful and your body has forgotten or finds it hard to move into a different posture then that is bad".

It is like your Sat Nav (brain) taking your car on the same route (movement pattern/posture) which has been used so frequently it is now blocked by road works (pain) but it doesn't offer you an alternative route. We will reprogram that Sat Nav (brain) to guide you to an alternative route or routes (movement pattern/posture) whilst the road works are being completed (recovering from pain). Then you can return to using that familiar route but with the option to take a few alternatives when it is more suitable. This is called "Movement Health" and this is our USP.

Our understanding, knowledge & experience has allowed us to develop a system which will help you attain Movement Health. We achieve this through our three stages:

  • Treatment,
  • Prevention,
  • Enhancement.

The initial stage involves us working on your painful areas and guiding you on how not to irritate it further so that we can speed up your return to being pain free as quickly as possible.

Once you are nearing a pain free status will be educating you and your body about how you have started to adopt one way of moving and that there are several alternatives. It will be challenging at the start to move in a different way but the research and our experience shows that within 12 weeks we can reprogram your movement system in your brain so that these new movements feel natural.

As you move through this process you will start to realise that the things you put down to "getting old" or put up with as a part of life  do not have to be that way. This is when we can train you to achieve goals which you thought were out of reach. There are people who live active and pain free lives we want you to be one of them!