are the massage therapist's experienced?


Our massage therapists have significant International experience including working at the London Olympic games. They have extensive massage experience helping people ranging from sports people to the general population with aches and pains.

Our massage therapist's also hold medical degrees which elevates their ability and skills due to their in-depth anatomical knowledge.

What should I wear to the session?


For the best results, certain items of clothing may need to be removed so that body parts can be observed or treated. Your therapist will guide you as to what is needed and ensure you feel comfortable at all times.

If the upper body is being treated, wearing a sports bra/top, stretchy leisure wear or loose vest top will be ideal. For the lower body, shorts are required to enable the therapist to massage your thighs.

During the session you will be covered with towels to keep your body parts covered and warm.

Should I choose a 30 or 60 minute massage?


It comes down to personal preference but a rule of thumb is that if you want 3 or more body areas treated for example neck, shoulders and back I would advise an hour. If you would like your neck and shoulders treated then 30 minute will suffice.

That being said if it is your first massage with us a 60 minute session would be useful as the masseuse will take time to understand where the tighter areas of your muscles/body are.

How firm is the massage?


The massages at Move Physio tend to be firm in nature. The firmness does vary though. Communication is key to this - our masseuse will ensure that they check in with you during the massage to ensure it is at the most desirable level. It should feel slightly painful in places but not unbearable which will make sure that physiological changes will occur to make your muscles relax.

Do i need to do anything before or after?



We advise you not to eat a meal 2 hours prior to the massage. Drinking prior to the session is fine.

After the session we strongly advise to rehydrate and be careful if you intend to drink alcohol shortly after the session as the effects will be stronger.