Sports and Deep Tissue Massage

Based in Twickenham, we are the only company who provide sports and deep tissue massage.

What constitutes a great massage is unique to everyone and we provide different pressures and styles to match your needs.

At Move Physio we offer deep tissue and sports massage that are firm in nature but will make you feel that the right areas are being treated.

What are the benefits of our massage?

  • treats trigger points (these feel like "knots" in your muscles) which reduces pain,

  • replenishes cells with blood and oxygen,

  • improves muscle extensibility,

  • decreases muscle tension

That is the science behind it all. However, the most important thing is that it makes you move and feel better!

Deep tissue massage

This can be used to treat a range of conditions such as sciatica, ITB syndrome, piriformis syndrome, shoulder impingement, neck and lower back pain. It s the most effective way to reduce the tension in your muscles and help you to move better.

Sports massage

This is ideal for any sports person - whether you are in pain or just feeling tight. We have extensive experience of keeping you ready to train and compete.