8 Tips On How To Extend The Effects Of Massage

When you invest in your next massage, make that post-massage feeling last as long as possible with these great tips:

1. It's all about timing

Try to schedule your massage so that you can go home and rest rather than back to work on into a stressful environment.

2. Classical or metal!?

If you get into your car after a massage, choose relaxing tunes over loud music, Also, don't listen to the news. Stories about Brexit can raise your blood pressure - which you have just lowered.

3. Think about what you are putting in your mouth

Have light meals post-massage; heavy meals can make you feel sluggish while light meals will energise you.

4. Stay hydrated

The jury is out on this advice however you are encouraged to re-hydrate which can help flush out cell waste and reduce next-day soreness. 

5. Do I have to think about what I wear?

Yes, but don't dress up, dress down. Wear, or bring, comfortable clothing to change into once the massage is completed. 

6. Invest in regular massage

It will help you to maximise the benefits of massage such as improving your immune system, mental well-being and reducing the risk of injury!

7. Avoid strenuous activity

Immediately after your massage, take it easy. Do not go to the gym or run. Try yoga, gentle cycling or light stretching if you want to exercise.

8.  Extend the feeling

Create a post-massage routine: go home, light some candles, put on some relaxing music and pop your feet up or even better get into a soothing bath.