5 things NOT to do post marathon

This is part one of a two-part series focused on marathon race recovery.

This blog is part one of a two-part series focused on marathon race recovery. Five things NOT to do after a marathon:

1.       Do not get a deep massage for at least three days. Your muscle tissue has been broken and damaged, getting a deep massage will not allow them to heal efficiently.

2.       Do not stay in one position for more than an hour for the rest of the day. It could mean getting up to walk to the bar to buy a celebratory round, make a cup of tea or moving your legs while sitting. It will not feel great, but you will feel better for it the following day.

3.       Do not forget to replenish your nutritional stores. Replacing your Vitamin C and Sodium levels will speed up your recovery.

4.       Do not plan to run or do any high resistance exercise, e.g. high resistance cycling or strength training for at least two days. Walking is enough to help you process and remove lactic acid from your muscles.

5.       Do not use a roller for 2-3 days and light stretching will only be beneficial later that day or the following day. Come back later this week for a post-marathon step by step three week guide.

Come back later this week for a post-marathon step by step three week guide.

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